Meet Andy and Gabriella. Both born and raised in the Home Counties in the South East of England but met in East London in 2015.


Gabby was raised on a farm where life was filled with an abundance of fresh air, home grown fruit and veg, and, livestock grazing in the surrounding fields. Andy grew up the son of an architect and his father’s passion for design and aesthetic was instilled in him from childhood. Both will not be ashamed to admit that they accept nothing less than perfection in all walks of life, especially when it comes to food and drink.  


After some years they both found themselves working in London's hospitality industry; Gabby consulting for start-up bars and cafes and Andy running a premier catering and events company after years of managing some of the best bars in town.  During this time, they honed their craft, obtained solid business acumen and continued to grow their already expansive product knowledge.  


They came to Ibiza and soon found a place where they could put their wealth of experience, contrasting yet complementary, into designing, planning and curating events. Whether it be a wedding or special event, you can expect an intimate service with spectacular results.  

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